10 Must See Art Galleries In Morocco

Classy designs, royal residences and complex designs, the galleries which house the country’s art works are as charming as the art pieces themselves. Discover the 10 best art displays in Morocco for contemporary, conventional and legendary works of art.

L’Atelier 21

The newly opened Galerie L’Atelier 21 is quickly being distinguished as one of the best places to see the best of contemporary and modern Moroccan artists. Aziz Daki, the gallery owner comments that the increasing interests on art appreciation are an impression of the interests in cultures their very own King Mohammed VI, who’s also an avid art collector. L’Atelier 21 embodies many Moroccan contemporary artists. Their present customer list includes Hakim Ghazali, Narjiss Eljoubari, and Majida Khattari, among others and it has a continually changing exhibition displays.



DarBellarg is an establishment created to preserve the Moroccan culture of all types. The exhibition is located in the heart of the Medina in Marrakech, between the mosque & Medersa Ben Youssef. It initially opened in 1999, and was established by architect Max Alioth and interior designer Susanna Biedermann. The foundation’s goals are to express and advance the art culture that exists in Morocco. They carry out these goals through theme based exhibits, live concert, workshops and a cultural program. The building, then abandoned for 13 years, was eventually restored to its art décor stucco stucco and wood for the gallery of Dar Bellarj. Visitors are likewise offered complimentary mint tea as they inspect the fine arts.

Dar Batha Museum

Became an art gallery in 1915, the previous royal residence of Moulay Hassan during summer is an exquisite Hispano-Moorish building, home of the richest accumulation of traditional art. Situated in Fez — for fine arts enthusiast, crafts and history, the Dar Batha is an unquestionable a must see art spot. Here you will find many decor furniture — from complex cut wooden carvings, to weaving, Berber carpet and precious gems. The area for pottery contains a top notch ceramic items that have been skillfully designed by Fez artists for over hundreds of years. Of specific note are the astrolabes — an assortment of interesting instruments in astronomy that were made and perfected by scholarly Arabs. Aside from being practical, they are brilliantly adorned with inset gems and complicatedly worked metal and guests are given a good visual feast.

Villas Des Arts

Villas Des Arts is a standout amongst the most one of a kind and individual foundations of its kind in the entire Islamic world. It remains as one of the biggest exhibition halls in Casablanca, and the 1st private that’s in the nation. Located amongst the Mäarif quarter & a quiet Arab League Park, the awe-inspiring building is home to a few shows highlighting works of contemporary local artists. Lately, it has formed the space into an all out exhibition hall of present day art. The historical center’s showcases an amazing 800 works of art in both permanent and temporary exhibition every year by local and foreign artists. The Villa Des Arts is additionally a part of the ONA Foundation, one of the country’s first cultural establishments. The Foundation’s essential point is to advance creative imagination and culture inside the nation. A case of purely art deco style, the Villa Des Arts was constructed in 1929, and expertly renovated in 2006. Throughout the entire year it shows a blend of displays, concert shows and cultural events to Casablanca local people and visitors alike.


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