Famous destinations to visit for Travel Writing

south africa travelAlthough all the places in the world have something special in them and they need to be explored in the same way as Ibn Battuta did. However, there are some of the places which are really different and the scenes they present are breathtaking. Some of the top destinations that must be visited by all are here.

Travel Writing for Cape Town in South Africa

This is the pretty famous place. You must have heard its name in many movies and other places. The main reason for its fame is the great scenes of art and world class museums. There is a new museum with the name of Zeitz Museum of contemporary African Art. The place is really rich in many aspects. It has all the places which one can desire. There are many food destinations which offer you with the best cuisine. There are beautiful mountains which present a stunning view.

Havana in Cuba

Havana is the Capital city of Cuba which is famous for its extraordinary architecture. You can have the experience of the greatest cultural spot of the world. There are many changes which are taking place in this area. This is becoming an ultimate ideal destination for many travelers in the world. You can also take a long sea dive which is really an adventurous feature of this place. This place is truly worth visiting either you are going on a business trip or with your family.

Angra Dos Reis in Brazil

This place is close to Rio which is also a great holiday destination. The place is not over crowded and you can enjoy with your family and friends in a peaceful environment. There are many beach villas of world class elites. The design is actually striking and gives you a refreshing feel. The fame of this area is widespread and people are visiting with increasing rate. A limit is put on a number of people visiting the place.


Although this place has faced many financial disasters but now it is gaining the attention of many travelers of this age. This is also hosting an annual sailing race with the name of America’s cup. There are many new clubs and hotels which contain all the up-to-date facilities. The resorts are really amazing which offer a great view.

Vancouver in Canada

The great city for travel writing present in between the beautiful mountains and the Pacific Ocean is a source of attraction for the visitors. The place is rich with natural beauty giving a platonic view to the tourist. People in States present this in their wish list to enjoy the beauty and serenity of this amazing destination. There are boundless options for recreational activities.

Merida in Mexico

This is a place with cultural beauty and diversity. The place is a collection of rich music, live performances, and art. Great monuments are situated there which grab the attention of tourists visiting this place. In Mexico, you can also visit San Miguel De Allende which is a source of pleasure and amusement for the people visiting the place.

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